• Business Plan

  • Market

    • Size & Trend

    • Go-to-market Strategy

    • Competitive Landscape

  • Human Resources

    • Talent Acquisition Strategy

    • Guidance on Remuneration Packages

Data Management


  • Due Diligence Data Room

  • Tailored Performance Metrics:

    • Financial

    • Sales

    • Marketing

  • Reporting Structure

    • Internal, Team-focused

    • External, Investor-focused

Admin Guidance


  • Incorporation

  • Templates including Founder & Shareholder Agreement, Term Sheets, Subscription Docs and more

  • S/EIS Guidance:

    • Eligibility

    • Advance Assurance and Compliance Statement

    • Certificate Management

Fundraising Prep

  • Pitch Deck Including:

    • Valuation

    • Financial Projections

    • Exit Strategy

  • Cap Table

    • Structure / Distribution

    • Round Dilution

  • Investor Relations

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