We unlock the full potential of our tech-focused early-stage startups by providing consulting services and connecting founders with high-quality mentors and smart-money investors.

Provision of plan and deck templates as well as reporting frameworks and termsheets.


Assistance on strategic projects.

Take advantage of our vibrant and experienced entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Find additional founding team members and employees.

Regular meetings in order to provide extensive feedback on key aspects of your startup.

Constructive workshops to identify and improve your startup's shortcomings.

Active promotion of your business through our network of contacts.

Assistance in the acquisition of marquee customers, strategic partners and key industry contacts.


Our startups are mostly UK-based but we have also previously worked with exciting businesses from both continental Europe and the US.

Sector agnostic: we focus on startups who leverage the latest technologies to disrupt their respective industries. 

Our preferences are for startups with structures and frameworks that can be easily tweaked in order to reach efficient scaling.

We generally work with seed and early-stage businesses, from pre-traction companies to startups ready to scale. 







"We built the Phoenix family to help aspiring entrepreneurs take their idea from vision to commercial business."

Alexander Guslisty

Phoenix 100 co-founder

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Send us a short executive summary or business plan ahead of our first coffee meeting.  

Come and pitch your idea to us on an informal basis. It's the perfect opportunity to get to know each other.

While we conduct our due diligence, we will send our agreements for you to read over.

Schedule a follow up meeting or call 

to make sure everything is in order.

Signing and completion.

Welcome to the Phoenix family!


Contact Us

 If you feel like we're a good match, have any further questions or wish to request a free brochure then please drop us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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